MSNBC shows it’s colors

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Check out this new ad from MSNBC, featured in Newsweek. I think the ad communicates very well. And yet I also wonder if MSNBC is going in the wrong direction by positioning itself as "all kinds of news for all kinds of people." As if it wasn't bad enough that they've line-extended not just one brand (MSN) but two (NBC)! Think of Fox News. What one word do you think of? Conservative. What about CNN? I think of Cable News. What about MSNBC? I'm not sure what others would think. I think Olberman or Peacock or NBC. The bottom line is I think MSNBC would be better off picking one color of the spectrum rather than all of them. Although the ad is pretty. ;D On a side note, I'm a sucker for colorful information design and branding:

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